London’s Grand Historic Buildings

rosja2010_0405-1920The city of London has endless tourist attractions. Many people have always associated London with its outstanding universities as well as its shopping districts, but London offers more than just that. It is a place that art and history enthusiasts would really love to visit.

The Westminster Abbey is one of London’s oldest buildings. Since 1066, the abbey has been used for coronation of the British monarchs. During the ceremony, the future King or Queen will sit on King Edward’s Chair after they receive their new title. It is also a tradition for royal weddings to take place in the Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth II was married to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten RN (Duke of Edinburgh) in the Abbey when she was still a princess. The royal wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, also took place in the abbey.

Near Westminster Abbey, by the side of the River Thames and Westminster Bridge, is the Palace of Westminster. The Houses of Parliament, as it is also called, is where government meetings take place. However, the Palace of Westminster is more famous for its magnificent clock tower known as the Big Ben. The building, however, is not open for public even though free-guided tours are available for UK residents. Tourists from overseas can join a tour organized by the London Blue Badge Tourist Guides during summer recess, but there is no guarantee that foreign tourists will be able to enter the building.

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Peter the Great’s Summer Palace – St. Petersburg, Russia

wedding-at-umaid-bhawan-palace-1024x768During the communist reign in Russia, architectural styles could best be described as bland. Fortunately, the summer palace of Peter the Great wasn’t affected.


Known as Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great is a very impressive area. The palace is arranged with a central rectangle format over roughly two or three acres. This area is then surrounded by areas of wood and “nature” as the Russians call it. Peterhof stands out like a jewel among the bland communist structures found in greater St. Petersburg.

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The Gritti Palace

xOne of the most well known luxury hotels in Venice Italy has to be the famous Hotel Gritti Palace. Located on the Grand Canal with a most superb view of Venice, the Hotel Gritti Palace once the home of Andrea Gritti, the Doge of Venice is one of the most famous and celebrated luxury hotels of the world.

Originally constructed in 1525 for Andrea Gritti, it was to became the official residence of the Vatican’s ambassadors to the city of Venice. Even today, the Hotel Gritti Palace’s visitors continue to be the attraction of members of the elite classes of this world. Ernest Hemingway, a noted guest of the Gritti , described this famous hotel as “as the best hotel in a city of great hotels”. Other guests of the Gritti Palace included the Duke of Windsor, the British Royal Family, the Princes of Monaco and many well known Hollywood actors.

The public areas of the hotel present to the guest painted wood beams hung with the paintings of past doges, walls of stone and marble covered with fabrics. Carriage clocks adorn the walls as time vanishes. Antique Venetian mirrors hang from the walls of the Bar Longhi leading to The Club del Doge restaurant serving up a superbe menu of gourmet Venetian delights on the terrace overlooking the famous Grand Canal.

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Steps To Consider Before You Properly Sell Your Home

Every single home owner would seem to have their own personal factors behind selling a home. An individual could have a good family that has at last outgrown the actual residence they have lived in for such a long time. Some individuals could possibly have only made a decision to sell to move to a far better location with more local opportunities. Whichever your own reason may be, it is critical to be sure that the best methods are taken while selling a home.

It is very important for a property owner to have their own files straight ahead of when their property grows on the market. Most prospective buyers would like to know as much details about a residence as they are able before making a decision. In particular, when was your home made? Just how much are the particular property taxes on the household? These represent the varieties of questions consumers as well as real estate agents will probably ask a seller. Read through this article to be able to find out about the actual info which is required just before a purchase.

In relation to selling a house you can find a good amount of methods of which a house owner may use. For example, many lifehacker specialists advise for property owners to get rid of the debris and also unnecessary knickknacks from all over their houses. Precisely why? These kinds of items might become a disruption for possible buyers. Eliminating these kinds of objects may ensure it is less difficult for a potential purchaser to actually picture just how a property will appear after they move in.

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Palace of Versailles France

201212-w-worlds-most-visited-castles-grand-palaceIf you have several days in Paris, we suggest you take time to visit the Palace of Versailles. A visit to the Palace at Versailles is a glimpse of the rich and opulent world of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI.

There are several day tours you can book from Paris that include transportation and admission. If you prefer to do things on your own, you can take the RER (Reseau Express Regional) train from downtown Paris to Versailles and arrive in about 40 minutes. The train station is approximately a five minute walk from the Palace.

The beautiful Palace and Gardens of Versailles are famous as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy in France. It was the official residence of the kings and queens from 1682 until 1790. Versailles has one of the largest formal gardens ever created, with fountains, extensive flower gardens and canals. It was designed by Andre Le Notre.

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